Nestled in the heart of Dinajpur, the Meher Hossain Residential Model School became a beacon of environmental stewardship on March 21, 2024, as it celebrated the International Day of Forests supported by the Plant Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF) and the Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation (MGAEF). The day was an orchestration of activities that educated and inspired the school community to take a stand for forest conservation.

Early morning rays lit the fervent faces of students as they congregated for a forest facts quiz, sparking a dialogue about the planet’s verdant treasures. This ignited minds and prepared the ground for the day’s cornerstone event: the tree-planting ceremony. Hand in hand with nature, students embedded saplings into the earth, affirming their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Artistic expressions flourished as students showcased their artworks during the exhibition. From vibrant portrayals of wildlife to serene forest landscapes, each piece was a silent yet potent advocate for the green cause.

The resonance of the day was further amplified by an environmental expert’s eloquent insights into the challenges faced by our forests. The engaging Q&A session allowed students to explore the complexities of conservation, reflecting a growing environmental consciousness within the young minds. The poster-making competition that ensued was a colorful representation of hope, with each poster whispering the promise of a better tomorrow.

As the event drew to a close, the hearts of all who participated were fuller, their resolve stronger. The International Day of Forests at Meher Hossain Residential Model School wasn’t just a day on the calendar; it was a profound statement of intent to treasure and protect our forests for generations to come.
In the end, the day’s message was clear: the future of forests is in our hands, and it is up to us to nurture and defend it.


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