Biophilia, the innate human connection to nature, is a concept that has gained increasing attention in Bangladesh in recent years. As a country rich in natural beauty and biodiversity, Bangladesh has the potential to promote biophilia and its many benefits for both individuals and the environment.

In Bangladesh, exposure to nature is a common part of daily life for many people, particularly those living in rural areas. However, rapid urbanization and industrialization have led to a decline in green spaces and reduced access to nature for many urban residents. Despite this, initiatives are underway in Bangladesh to promote biophilia and bring people closer to nature. For example, many schools and universities incorporate nature-based activities into their curricula, such as outdoor education programs and nature writing workshops. In addition, efforts are underway to create green spaces in urban areas, including parks and community gardens, to provide residents with natural access. Incorporating biophilia into the built environment is also a growing trend in Bangladesh. Architects and designers increasingly use green roofs, walls, and terraces to bring nature into the city, while developers are building eco-friendly housing and office complexes with extensive green spaces.

By promoting biophilia in Bangladesh, the country can reap the many benefits of this concept, including improved health and well-being, increased creativity and productivity, and greater environmental awareness. By fostering a deeper connection to nature, Bangladesh can also contribute to the planet’s long-term health and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


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