Chirirbandar, Dinajpur, Bangladesh – A historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was inked on 19.08.2023 between Meher-Hossain Residential Model School (MHRMS) situated in Chirirbandar, Dinajpur, Bangladesh, and the Plant Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF), Bangladesh.

This MOU aims to solidify the collaboration between MHRMS and PCRF for undertaking shared project activities and embarking on joint research initiatives, particularly in the sphere of staff capacity development. It accentuates the commitment to enhancing the ability to manage projects efficiently, ensuring their successful completion, and further developing capacity.

Key Highlights of the MOU:

– MHRMS and PCRF will collaborate on background surveys, project development, and capacity enhancement.

– Adopting the innovative concept of viewing the school as a “living museum”, the institutions will leverage technology to conduct in situ observations and share information for research.

– PCRF will offer online and offline technical training sessions for the staff of MHRMS.

– The PCRF will actively assist MHRMS in concept development, writing project proposals, and sourcing financial support for joint projects.

Rifat Jahan, the Head of Education at PCRF and Md. Mejanur Rahman, the Principal of MHRMS, signed the MOU on behalf of their respective institutions. This MOU underscores the mutual vision and shared values of both institutions in the realm of education, plant conservation, and research. It promises to be a significant step forward in nurturing academic and research excellence in Bangladesh.


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