The Plant Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF) successfully organized an inception workshop on establishing a medicinal schoolyard forest with local vulnerable plant species at Meher Hossain Residential Model School. The event aimed to raise awareness about the importance of conserving medicinal plants and their sustainable utilization. The workshop, held on 26.08.2023, brought together experts, educators, and students who are passionate about preserving the rich biodiversity of medicinal plants. The participants engaged in insightful discussions and hands-on activities to understand the significance of establishing a schoolyard forest with local vulnerable plant species.

Rifat Jahan, Head of Education, PCRF, presents an overview of the project objective and guidelines. She mentions medicinal plants are crucial in providing alternative remedies and affordable healthcare solutions to communities, especially those with limited access to modern healthcare services. By establishing a medicinal schoolyard forest, PCRF aims to create an innovative learning environment that promotes conservation and generates income and employment opportunities for the local community.

During the workshop, participants learned about the threats faced by medicinal plant resources due to increasing demand and habitat loss. Mr. Tariquzzaman, Executive Member, PCRF explored strategies for in situ conservation, including the establishment of preservation areas and cultivation, as well as ex-situ conservation through botanical gardens and gene banks. He also mention these initiatives are vital for safeguarding the valuable heritage of medicinal plants.

The event concluded with a commitment from all stakeholders to work collaboratively towards the conservation and sustainable utilization of medicinal plant resources. PCRF expressed its gratitude to Meher Hossain Residential Model School for hosting the workshop and providing a platform for fostering environmental stewardship among students.


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